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Standard Welcomes Lindsey Pauline

September 02, 2020

Standard Welcomes Lindsey Pauline

With business resuming after a long winter and spring of COVID closures, Standard Ceramic is glad to welcome a new employee in the retail shop.  Lindsey Pauline, a native of Ridgeway, PA, has been helping customers in the retail shop since the end of July. 


A graduate of Slippery Rock University with a BFA in Studio Arts, Pauline concentrated her studies in Ceramics.  She spent a couple years working independently in Slippery Rock, while earning a living in retail sales.  She makes figurative sculptural pieces with a focus on the human form and face, along with symbols of home.  Since her move to Carnegie, she has set up a small studio in a walk-in closet in her apartment.


Pauline enjoys helping Standard’s customers in the shop and on the phone.  She says, “I always find that I learn something new when I help a customer solve a problem.  And, the shop is an awesome networking tool!” 


Stop by the shop and say hello to Lindsey the next time you visit Standard.

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